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Feeling Dull? Breathe New Life with Bear's Area Rug Cleaning Service!

Area rugs are the heart and soul of many New Mexico homes.

But over time, even the most well-maintained rugs can lose their luster, accumulating dirt, dust, and allergens that impact their beauty and potentially your indoor air quality.

That’s where Bear Oriental Rug Cleaning, New Mexico’s trusted rug cleaning specialist, comes in. We offer a premium area rug cleaning service designed to eliminate hidden dirt and odors for a fresher, cleaner home. 

With our expert pet urine removal, area rug stain removal, and odor removal services, we help preserve the beauty and quality of your treasured area rugs.

Imagine walking on a vibrantly colored and hygienically clean rug—that’s the Bear Oriental Rug Cleaning difference!

Give your rugs the professional care they deserve, and enjoy a cleaner, healthier home. 

Book your rug cleaning appointment today! Trust our experts to extend the life of your rugs and keep them looking their best.

Do I Need a Professional Area Rug Cleaning Service

Let’s face it: vacuuming is a chore we try to avoid sometimes. But for your beloved area rugs, regular vacuuming might not be enough as it can only remove surface dirt. 

Regular vacuuming helps, but for a truly deep clean and to maximize the life of your rugs, consider a professional area rug cleaning service. Our area rug cleaning service at Bear Oriental Rug Cleaning goes beyond what you can achieve with home methods.

Our experts use advanced techniques to remove dirt and grime that can damage fibers over time. With our service, your rugs will look fresher, feel softer, and last longer. Plus, a clean rug contributes to better air quality in your home.

Don’t let your rugs lose their charm. Trust our area rug cleaning service to bring them back to life.

Wondering if a professional cleaning is right for you? Give Bear Oriental Rug Cleaning a call!

We’re happy to answer your questions and recommend the most suitable area rug cleaning service.

What Types of Area Rugs Can Bear Oriental Rug Cleaning Service Clean

At Bear Oriental Rug Cleaning, we understand that area rugs come in all shapes, sizes, and cultural heritages. In New Mexico, a beautiful variety of rugs grace local homes.

But no matter the unique character of your rug, you can be confident that our area rug cleaning service can handle a wide variety types of rugs

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Antique Rugs – Our specialized cleaning process is tailored to gently clean and preserve your valuable antique rugs.
  2. Chinese Oriental Rugs – We understand the intricacies of Chinese oriental rugs and ensure a thorough cleaning without damaging the delicate materials.
  3. Braided Rugs – Our professional cleaning techniques target dirt and debris within the braided fibers, leaving them refreshed and rejuvenated.
  4. Dhurrie Rugs– Our rug cleaning methods remove dirt and stains from Dhurrie rugs, restoring their natural beauty and charm.
  5. Kelim Hooked Rugs – We meticulously clean kelim hooked rugs, preserving their unique designs and patterns.
  6. Flokati Rugs – Our area rug cleaning service includes a gentle yet effective cleaning process for flokati rugs, maintaining their soft, fluffy texture.
  7. Soumac Rugs – We clean Soumak rugs with care, ensuring the complex weaving and patterns are not compromised.
  8. Persian Rugs – Our expertise in Persian rug cleaning ensures a deep and thorough cleaning without damaging the delicate materials and intricate designs.
  9. Woven or Tufted Rugs – Our area rug cleaning service caters to woven and tufted rugs, removing dirt and stains while preserving the integrity of the fibers and construction.
  10. Alpaca Rugs – We clean alpaca rugs with gentle yet effective methods, preserving their natural softness and texture.

 Remember, these are just a few examples! Bear Oriental Rug Cleaning can effectively clean nearly any type of rug.

Unsure about the specific type of rug you own? Contact Bear Oriental Rug Cleaning today!

Our rug experts can help you identify your rug’s  fibers and recommend the most suitable area rug cleaning service to keep it looking its best for years to come.

What is the Area Rug Cleaning Process at Bear Oriental Rug Cleaning

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at a professional area rug cleaning service?

At Bear Oriental Rug Cleaning, we pride ourselves on our meticulous area rug cleaning process. Our area rug cleaning service ensures your rugs receive the best possible care, enhancing their beauty and longevity.

  1. Inspection: We begin with a detailed inspection to identify any specific issues, such as stains, odors, or damage.
  2. Dusting: Using specialized equipment, we remove dust and debris from deep within the rug fibers. This step is crucial for a thorough cleaning.
  3. Washing: Depending on the rug type, we use gentle yet effective washing techniques to clean the rug thoroughly without causing damage.
  4. Rinsing: Our rinsing process ensures all cleaning agents are completely removed, leaving no residue behind.
  5. Drying: We carefully dry the rug in a controlled environment to prevent shrinkage and color bleeding.
  6. Final Inspection: A final inspection ensures that your rug meets our high standards before it is returned to you.

This comprehensive area rug cleaning process is designed to provide the deepest clean while preserving the integrity of your rugs. With our service, you can trust that your rugs will look and feel revitalized.

Experience the ultimate care for your rugs. Book your cleaning with Bear Oriental Rug Cleaning today!

Is Area Rug Cleaning Pick-Up and Delivery Offered

Absolutely! Bear Oriental Rug Cleaning offers convenient area rug cleaning pick up and delivery services as part of our comprehensive area rug cleaning service. We understand that transporting large or delicate rugs can be a hassle, so we make it easy for you.

Our team will pick up your rugs directly from your home. We then take them to our facility, where they undergo a thorough cleaning and drying process. Once cleaned, we roll and wrap them in protective 4 mil plastic tubing to ensure they remain in pristine condition during transit.

Whether you’re moving locally or long-distance, we can handle the delivery. We can bring your cleaned rugs back to your new home or coordinate with your moving company to ensure they are delivered safely.

Free up your schedule and let Bear Oriental Rug Cleaning handle the logistics! 

Choose our area rug cleaning service for hassle-free cleaning and delivery.

How Much Does Area Rug Cleaning Cost in New Mexico

The cost of area rug cleaning in New Mexico can vary depending on several factors.

At Bear Oriental Rug Cleaning, we provide a transparent pricing structure for our area rug cleaning service, ensuring you know what to expect.

Factors affecting the cost of area rug cleaning:

  • Rug Size: Larger rugs require more cleaning time and resources, affecting the overall cost.
  • Material: Rugs made from delicate materials like silk may require specialized cleaning techniques, which can be more expensive.
  • Condition: Rugs that are heavily soiled or stained might need additional treatments, increasing the cost.
  • Type of Cleaning: Standard cleaning is less expensive than more intensive processes like deep cleaning or stain removal.

Estimating the cost of area rug cleaning:

As a general guideline, the cost of area rug cleaning in New Mexico can range from $2 to $5 per square foot for basic cleaning. However, specific pricing may vary depending on the factors mentioned above.

To receive a more accurate area rug cleaning quote, please request an estimate by filling out the form on our website.

We provide free estimates with no hidden charges, ensuring transparency and trust.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Professional Rug Cleaning Service

Area rugs are beautiful additions to any home but can trap dirt, dust, and allergens over time.

Choosing a professional area rug cleaning service offers numerous advantages that go beyond what regular home cleaning methods can achieve.

Here are some key benefits of professional area rug cleaning:

  • Deep Cleaning: Professional cleaners use advanced techniques and equipment to remove deeply embedded dirt, dust, and allergens that household vacuums can’t reach.
  • Stain Removal: Experts can effectively tackle tough stains and restore the original beauty of your rugs.
  • Prolonged Rug Life: Regular professional cleaning helps maintain the integrity of rug fibers, extending the lifespan of your rugs.
  • Improved Air Quality: Studies show that rugs and carpets enhance the quality of air indoors. By removing allergens and bacteria, professional cleaning enhances the air quality in your home, promoting a healthier living environment.  
  • Expert Care: Professional services understand the specific needs of different types of rugs, ensuring each rug is treated appropriately without damage.

Ready to experience the benefits of professional area rug cleaning?

Get a free quote for professional rug cleaning service today!

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How Often Should I Have My Area Rugs Cleaned

Wondering how often your beloved area rugs need a refresh?

The truth is, the area rug cleaning frequency depends on a few factors, including where the rug is placed and how much foot traffic it receives.

Bear Oriental Rug Cleaning has a guideline to help you decide.

High-traffic areas or rugs in busy places like living rooms and hallways should be professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months. The frequent foot traffic causes more dirt accumulation, necessitating more frequent cleaning.

Low-traffic area rugs in less-used spaces, such as guest rooms, can be cleaned every 12 to 18 months. These rugs experience less wear and tear, so they rarely need cleaning.

For homes with pets and children, consider a more frequent area rug cleaning service. Every 6 months is advisable to tackle pet hair, dander, spills, and stains.

For people with allergies, regular cleaning every 6 months can help reduce allergens trapped in rug fibers, improving indoor air quality.

Here’s a bonus tip: Regular vacuuming with the appropriate attachment is key to maintaining your rugs’ beauty and preventing dirt build-up, no matter the location.

Confused about your rug’s specific needs? Don’t sweat it!

Contact Bear Oriental Rug Cleaning today for a free consultation.

Can Bear Oriental Rug Cleaning Also Repair My Area Rug

Love your area rug but worried about a tear, fray, or loose thread?

The good news is that in many cases, Bear Oriental Rug Cleaning can breathe new life into your beloved rug with expert area rug repair services alongside our top-notch area rug cleaning service.

Over time, rugs can experience wear and tear, including fringe damage, holes, and color fading. Our expert technicians are skilled in restoring your rugs to their original beauty and functionality.

Our area rug repair services include:

  • Fraying: We can secure loose threads and prevent further damage.
  • Tears and rips: We meticulously mend tears to restore the rug’s integrity.
  • Seam separations: We expertly reattach seams for a seamless look.
  • Binding repair or replacement: We can restore or replace worn binding to enhance the rug’s overall finish.

Combining our area rug cleaning service with expert repairs ensures your rugs are not only clean but also in excellent condition.

Don’t toss out a damaged rug!

Contact us today to schedule your area rug repair and cleaning service and give your rugs the professional care they deserve!

Give Your Area Rugs the Care They Deserve! Choose Bear Oriental Rug Cleaning in New Mexico

Area rugs are beautiful investments that deserve proper care. At  Bear Oriental Rug Cleaning, we proudly offer a wide range of rug cleaning and repair solutions.

Our expert team, advanced techniques, and personalized care make us New Mexico’s #1 Rug Cleaning Specialist.

From regular cleanings to expert repairs, our experts are committed to preserving the beauty and longevity of your precious area rugs.

Don’t trust your valued area rugs to just anyone – trust the experts at Bear Oriental Rug Cleaning. We provide the best area rug cleaning services.

Contact us for all your area rug cleaning services you need, and experience the difference of working with the best in the business.

Schedule your appointment today and give your rugs the professional care they deserve!

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